• Farewell, Petroleum!
Farewell, Petroleum!

The project

At current consumption rates, it is estimated that by 2050 all the world's oil will be exhausted. Goodbye, internal combustion engines. Goodbye, intercontinental flights. Goodbye, t-shirts for two euros. Since the first oil extraction well on an industrial scale was built in 1859, the progress and growth of humanity have been dangerously associated with this substance. But while the economy was happily growing, oil reserves were declining at the same rythm. Farewell, Petroleum! is a theatre project that, taking the form of the musical requiem as its starting point, wants to approach the convulsive history of this raw material and explore possible collective rituals to say goodbye to a world that will never be like before. We want to attend the collapse with a curious gaze and wet eyes from nostalgia. Like someone who contemplates in awe the last flash of some beautiful fireworks. Farewell! Farewell, my friend!


Idea & direction: Pau Masaló
Dramaturgy: Pau Masaló & Irena Visa
Set & costumes design: Laila Rosato
Production: Clàudia Robert
A coproduction by: Contenidos Superfluos & Teatre Lliure